Elements of Photography I, II, and III

Elements of Photography I, II, and III

from 75.00

For Beginners with DSLR Cameras

Take Photo I only or all three Classes (each class is approximately 45 minutes)

These courses help the beginning professional photographer understand what goes into taking a great photo. It is broken up into 3 sessions. 1) how to photograph in manual mode; adjusting your shutter, aperture, and ISO and how they work together, 2) the importance of light and color and how it creates an image, and 3) creating your composition and communicating with your subject.

February 4th, 2017

Location: Private Residence in Belle Hall, Mount Pleasant

Session I    9:00-10:00
Session II    10:15-11:00
Session III   11:15-12:00

If anyone is interested at the end of the classes we can go to downtown charleston for a photo walk with our cameras.

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